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You’ve just sold or purchased a home and now you have to think about moving. Here are some moving tips that will help keep your move on track.


The first step is to go through your house room by room and decide what you’ll get rid of prior to the move. You don’t want to have to pay to move an item only to decide later to get rid of it.

Next contact a moving company to get estimates. If the move is in North Carolina, it’s a good idea to use a North Carolina Utilities Commission Certified Mover. They are required to carry insurance and must comply with the Commissions Maximum Rate Tariff (MRT). The Commission has a helpful guide “Moving 101” It explains how movers charge for moves within North Carolina. If you’re moving 35 miles or less it’s by hourly rates, if it’s 36 miles or more it’s by weight/distance rates. If the move is to another state you can get information from the . Federal Carrier Motor Freight Safety Administration

Keep all of your paperwork including your moving estimate, inventory list, etc in an easy to find organizer/binder.

Get moving supplies: Boxes, Tape, Wrap & Markers
Specialty boxes for dishes, clothes


Post office
Banks (Transfer/close accounts, if applicable)
Credit Card Company, other payees
Insurance company
Magazine subscriptions
Relatives and friends

Get refunds of deposits & arrange for
disconnections/suspension: Gas, Electric, Cable, Telephone,
Water, Garbage, Alarm

Ask for referrals in new location
Refill prescriptions
Obtain copies of medical records

Get copies of transcripts

Get copies of shots, medical history


Reconfirm the details and other specifics with the moving company
Drain lawnmower, power equipment of oil/gas
Use contents of refrigerator and freezer
Pack important papers separately

Take inventory
Clearly mark boxes you will need immediately
Transport jewelry, documents and valuables yourself
Re-check house, closets, basement and garage to make sure they are empty